Friday, September 10, 2004

My Job

Ya know, I go to work, run around, get patients OOB (Out of Bed), complain how tired I am, complain abot weekends, but ya know what, I like my job. I REALLY like my job.

It kind hits me every so often, why. I get to move around all day, I don't have to be a slave to a desk and a computer, I get to meet all kinds of people, I get to help people. And they PAY me to do it! This is my job, and I like it.

Yeah there are rude people telling me I'm pushy, and telling me to get the F*** out of their rooms, and yeah there's poop and blood and urine, and burns, and it's smelly, and I get dirty, and people staff and patients can be super rude, and yeah I see SICK people, and it can be so sad to watch lives waste away. I dislike when I get what I call, the PT look, the rolling eyes, and im so tired leave me alone look. But my job can also be so rewarding.

One time i got a woman to sit at the edge of her bed, something she hadn't done in months. She was SO EXCITED, and so cute about it, "WOW, I'M SITTING UP!!!" is all she could say the whole time. I see Burn patientsbeat amazing odds, going through multiple surgeries, going from being intubated and on bedrest, and so sick, to being up pand walking and going home. I see people so thankful for the ability to move, it can truly overshadow all the complaints I have. Sometimes the small good things are so much better, that all the tons of annoying ones.

I get to move around, meet cute old men, sweet old women, and get people to get up for the first time in months. I like my job. I complain, but it hit me todayas it sometimes does, I'm happy, I love the people I work with, I love the hospital I work for, and I love being where I am and doing what I do.

YAY for being a PT! And YAY for getting paid to do something I love!!!!

And DOUBLE YAY for my weekend off!!! :) Have a good weekend all!!!!

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Anonymous said...

You work with people when they don't feel thier best so your not going to find many in good moods. Its a stressful job and complaining is a way of relieving some stress.