Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Camper Anecdotes

Maybe cheesy, however these stories always make me smile and I don't know about you but it's been a stressful week at work and I needed to smile. :)

When in High School I was a lifeguard at a day camp during the summers. Actually, I was a counselor first in jr high and after freshman year, and then a lifeguard, but that's ok too.

Once I saw a nursery aged camper (About 4ish years old) and she was standing next to the pool her hands at her privates, a pool of urine spreading around her. Fairly common with the young campers. She looked cold and scared and nervous and embarrassed. I went up to her and I asked her if she was ok, reassured her it was ok, and asked her why she didn't ask to go to the bathroom, I, or someone would have taken her. And she looked up at me, with her big brown eyes, (she was one of the cuter campers) and she said in her quiet voice, "It did it itself!"

My sister worked at the same camp as a counselor. She was also a bus counselor. And there was an ADORABLE kid on her bus, and he was in kindergarten and he was in love with Stoofie. Plus he was cute in his own right. He wanted to be a Backstreet Boy when he grew up. He'd run around singing Backsteet Boys songs. And he'd say the most amazing things. And he was OBSESSED with my sister, It was adorable. You'd ask him "Sam, who's Stefanie?" "MY GIRLFRIEND!" On the last day of camp his parents took him out early. He made them take him to find Stoofie so he could say goodbye. And he asked for her phone number. And then he told his mom that he was going to marry Stefanie. His mom asked him, "Sam, you haven't known Stefanie for very long, are you sure you want to marry her?" And his reply was, "I love her and we're getting married and that's just the way it is!"


Carierraine said...


I just wanted to tell you I had never met anyone else with my name, and now I have.


Anonymous said...

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