Friday, November 19, 2004

Carie vs. Carrie

On my last post about my cutiepie campers I got this comment:

Carierraine said...


I just wanted to tell you I had never met anyone else with my name, and now I have.


So here's the story behind my name.
My Mom has wanted to name me Carrie ever since she was a little girl. She knew another girl named Carrie when she was growing up who apparantly was really beautiful (With Red Hair!!!) and nice and my Mom thought it was such a nice name and she fell in love with the name Carrie, and when she grew up and had a little girl she would name her Carrie.

BUT... I was born right around the time that the Stephen King movie Carrie came out and she didn't want me to be associated with a psychopath movie character who goes off on a killing spree, and well she liked the way it was spelt with one "R" so Carrie became Carie.

And i was stuck with a lifetime of people spelling my name wrong. I can't tell you how many times I put my name down on a form and it comes back on the master, or typed out and there is 2 "R's" and I'm told well, we thought you mispelled your name. Hmmmm... I'm old enough to know how to spell my own name..... (My sister had a similar issue, as a Stefanie with an "F")(My parents were strange spellers, though Stefanie with an F is more common thatn Carie with one "R".)

ANYWAY, EVERYONE gets my name wrong. Even my Uncle still can't get it right. And I had never met anyone with Carie spelt this way until my Freshman year of college, and there was a girl on my floor Carie, spelt the exact same way, and we were amazed, neither of us had ever met anyone with that spelling before. And YAY, Now I met someone else!

So yeah, there are issues with people spelling it wrong, but by now I'm used to it, and I actually like the way it looks better without the second "R", it's simpler and less cluttered, and I'm a fairly simple person, I try not to have clutter and extra STUFF in my life (though I don't always succeed with my bills/papers) so I think my name fits me.

And it's fun to randomly meet other Carie's. YAy for Carie's!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi from another Carie!