Tuesday, November 23, 2004


I have received comments telling me that if I don't BLOG about Politics or Sex, then my BLOG is BORING. Well, guess what Mr./Ms. Anonymous commenter, I don't BLOG for you. I BLOG firstly for me, and secondly for family/friends/and other random people who enjoy my life and stories. I BLOG because I enjoy Blogging, and I BLOG about what I want to BLOG about. You are not the only person who reads my BLOG and if you don't think what I am saying is interesting, then simply don't visit anymore.

While I would like people to read and enjoy my excerpts from my days/life, I am forcing no one to read, if they don't like they don't have to continue visiting. There are plenty of people and friends that read and enjoy my life and that's great. But I BLOG for myself. I dislike political arguments, and as far as I'm concerned anyone's sex life is their business not to be posted about online. I enjoy writing about my quirky patients, and coworkers, jokes I encounter, memories and anecdotes. If you don't like it, TOUGH. Don't read anymore.


Anonymous said...

I would definitely not worry about readers looking for sex in your blog. They can watch Desperate Housewives or something of the like. Additionally if they find Heather's journal sexually riveting I would question their judgment. She is too masculine for me or probably most men for that matter. I would prefer to date someone more feminine like the WWF wrestler Chyna. I seriously doubt she can carry on much of a conversation with her limited experience.

Best of luck.

Anonymous said...


Don't ever change. I love you like my sister.



Anonymous said...

Amen! Why can't women be respectable these days with out getting hassled??

Anonymous said...

Hey Carie!

I read your BLOG because you always capitalize the word BLOG like that. Like the whole concept of BLOGging were the best thing to happen to the human race since sliced BLOG-- i mean BREAD.

BLOG on whatever you want to BLOG on! It'll still be EXCITING no matter WHAT!



Anonymous said...


Your friends and family don't care whether you are having sex or not.

Blog on!!!

Anonymous said...

Since Carie tries diligently to follow Jewish laws and customs, it is unlikely that she would be having sex before marriage, and she certainly wouldn't write about it in any case!

Carie, I think that these low-lifes are coming over from Rob's blog. You should ask him not to link to your site from his. I mean absolutely no offense to Rob, but he attracts a different crowd.

- One of your friends / family

Anonymous said...

Wow, rough comment from one of your "loving" friends/family members. Sounds like they don't like Rob too much. Or those that he attract. Wait a minute, what does that say about you then? And they seem to think you are living by strict Jewish law. I guess they also pick and choose which sin to condemn. It must be great to be so omnipotent!