Sunday, November 21, 2004

Od Yishama Be-arei Yehuda U-Ve-Chutzot Yerushalayim Kol Sasson Vekol Simcha Kol Chatan Ve-Kol Kala

It should again be heard, in the cities of Judah and throughout Jerusalem
The voice of joy, the voice of happiness the voice of the groom, and the voice of the bride.

The song is still ringing in my head. :) I just came from a wedding. I love weddings. And especially with this particular couple, well, I never even knew they were dating until they announced their engagement. And then I thought to myself, WOW!, That makes SO MUCH SENSE! They're PERFECT for each other! And EVERYONE at the wedding seemed to be thinking along those lines. We had all known each other in college, and well, it jsut never occured to any of us this perfect matchup.

Well needless to say, Bride was RADIENT, Groom was BEAMING, just the looks on their faces, with eyes only for each other, when The Groom came in from his tisch to the baddecken, it was just amazing. And during and after chupah I just kept thinking to myself how perfect the two of them are for each other and how amazing a couple they are and how so in love they looked. They were SO HAPPY, and that's not saying enough. It made me think, I want that! I want to be a bride and radiate love for my Groom, and just glow with the excitement and happiness of my wedding day. Then reality hit me and oh yeah, I still need some time to get me together before I get married. But that's another topic.

Anyway, so the wedding was beautiful to see the couple so in love and happy, and I got to see friends I havent seen in AGES, and it was a really nice day. I'm a happy camper right now. :)

And on that note, my sister needs her computer back and I will sit happily and relax and think of my nice day. Oh yeah, you may not have understood some of the stuff about the wedding, it was a traditional Jewish wedding, I'll explain more about the customs of a traditional Jewish wedding more when I get home and have my own computer to myself. Until then...

Od Yishama Be-arei Yehuda U-Ve-Chutzot Yerushalayim Kol Sasson Vekol Simcha Kol Chatan Ve-Kol Kala......

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