Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Cover Letters

This AM before I go to work and get people OOBTC I'd like to post an Instant Messenger Conversation that I had with Stephen Belsky last night. It made me smile to see it on his "away message" this AM and I'd thought I'd post it here to make everyone else smile. :)

Steg said: I'm writing cover letters for sending out resumes. This stuff sucks, it's already (something like)2 AM!!!!!!! grrr

Carie said: Cover letters suck. It''s like a repetition of your resume.

Steg said: I agree. It is like a repetition of your resume, except with more sucking-up and self-aggrandizement!" Oh you're so great, I'm so great, let's be so great together! It's like a bad country song.

Tee Hee! Maybe you had to be there, but it made me smile at any rate, and that's what's important, I needed a smile. Have a good day!!!

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