Wednesday, December 22, 2004

My Uncle Lloyd is Still Missing.

Lloyd Stark
6' Tall, 190lbs.
Last seen Tuesday December 7, 2004
On Rt. 59 in Suffern NY.
Seen driving a dark blue
Jeep Grand Cherokee
with New York License plates - BXE4215
Crossed the George Washington Bridge into NYC
at about 10-10:30 PM that night.

It has been over 2 weeks, and has affected my family in so many ways you can never imagine. I never could, never, when I saw things like this on the news, when I watched families in agony, it all seemed so far off, so distant, so not real. Until it happened to MY family. This has been an extremely emotional and stressful time. And our lives will never be the same.
It is felt, through the police and detectives, that he is still alive and is probably in NYC.

PLEASE, if anyone in the NY area should notice this man, or his car, in a hotel, in a garage, on a bus, or a subway, ANYTHING,
Call the Suffern Police Department at 845-357-2300.
Please keep your eyes peeled. Thank You.

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