Tuesday, January 18, 2005


As of 7AM from the Weather Channel Website

Current Conditions for Stamford, CT
Partly Cloudy
9°F, Feels Like-8°F
Wind: From NW at 17 mph

I'm COLD!!!! We turned off the heat in the middle of the night because we have electric heat and it's inefficient and expensive. So we warm the room up before we go to sleep and then when you wake up it's FREEZING! I felt like we left the window open or something! I DISLIKE cold cold weather, especially without the heat in the morning. Unfortunately it takes some time to warm up the rest of the apt, and by the time it warms up I'm out the door so I don't usually bother. But it makes for cold morning ADL's. Plus my hands feet and nose get so cold all the time and have trouble warming up. I'm always warming my feet on Rob, it's like I have no blood or something.

I think this is the coldest it's been all winter. We're heading for a high of 18°F today, a low of 5°F tonight. FUN!!

Oh well, off to work while thinking warm thoughts. For any of you in warmer climates, send some sun my way..... :) Thanks! :)

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