Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Another Loopy Patient

Poor thing, she had a stroke and was a bit loopy from it. But she was cute too. She was alert and oriented x3 (person, place and time) but it took her awhile to get there. She had to reason her way through it.

Where are you?
Not at home.
Ok so where?
In the place I don't like, they won't let me go home.
Where is that place?
The hospital with the chains.
(Unfortunately she was also having hallucinations, she thought chains were put on her the other day, it was kinda sad.)(I ignored the statement, because I and her sister had already attempted multiple times to reassure her that there were no chains)
What's the name of the Hospital?
It's named for the city.
What's the name of the city?
Oh wait, I live here, its Bridgeport Connecticut!
So what's the name of the hospital?
Bridgeport Hospital!!!
What day is it today?
Hmmmmm, well do the kids have school today?
I don't Know, do they?
I think so, so that means today is... Monday, no the kids were off Monday today is Tuesday.
Why were the kids off on Monday?
It was that black guys birthday!
What was his name?
Hmmmmmmm, Martin! That's my nephew's name too!
What was his last name?
What was his other last name?
He had another last name? Why would someone have two last names?
Well Martin was his first name, Luther was his middle name, what was his last name?
Ohohoh, I know! Like Elvis, THE KING!!
(I didn't worry about the Junior)

And so that's basically how it went. She was very cute and while her eval took a lot longer than normal, it was kinda fun and made me smile. Loopy patiets always make me smile. It's kinda sad but also kinda entertaining. Is that bad of me? I dunno. They're just usually the cutest and most fun to work with.

Ok, time for work! Have a good day!! Keep warm! If I was cold yesterday, I'm FREEZING today!!!

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