Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Mostly I dislike winter. The storms, and crazy drivers, and dirty muddy snow, and sandy streets, and salted sidewalks. I hate being cold.
But during the storm, while the snow is falling, there's something magical about it.

I love the snow. I love the cool brisk feeling of being outside while it's snowing. Of being cold but warm all at the same time. I love to bundle up and take walks in the storm. I especially love walking in the snow at night. I love to watch it falling, glittering in whatever lights there may be. I love how it crunches under my feet, I love the shimmering glisten of an undisturbed patch, like there's something secretly special hidden in it all. I love to watch the trees catch it and become coated in white like a frozen fairy forest.

I love the feeling of the snow falling onto my face, and how it looks on my jacket. I love to catch the flakes with my gloves, marvelling at the simplistic complexity of each small piece of wonderment. I love to look up at the sky and watch it floating gently downward at the earth, making things bright and shimmery.

I love walking in the snow at night. I love being out in the storm. I love the quiet peacefulness of it. Even in a city things seem so much more still. Not so many people are out there, all huddled in their homes. It's quiet and freeing, silent and loud all at the same time.

I say a bracha,
Baruch atah adoshem, elokeinu melekh ha-olam, oseh ma'aseh v'reishit. Praised are You, Lrd our Gd, King of the Universe, Source of Creation.

I stare in wonderment at the falling snow and I amazed at the beauty of the world, how perfect Gd has made it for us.

You only need to take the time to see the beauty in the simplistic.

I love snowstorms.

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