Monday, January 31, 2005

My Nose is Running Away...

...I guess I'd better go catch it.

Ha ha ha ha. Funny Funny. Ok, maybe not. It's hard to be witty when sick. I have a cold and my head is stuffy, and my nose is runny and my throat hurts and I'm tired and achy, and the skin around my nose is all raw. Fun Fun Fun!

Was miserable yesterday, thank goodness I was off. Missed work today, but I can't tomorrow. So I've been resting all day but I still feel all sniffly and not happy. Relatively minor in comparison to whats out there I guess but who likes to be sick in any capacity?

So I've been sleeping and reading my cadaver book and watching TV and movies and sleeping and blowing my nose and trying to drink lots of fluids.

Ok back to sleeping. I'm sleepy. Hopefully I'll feel betterer soon so I don't have to run and catch my nose while trying to get patients out of bed tomorrow. You wait right here, try not to fall, I'll be back in a second... That'll go over well at my annual review tomorrow afternoon.

Ok time to schluff. Byebye.

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