Wednesday, February 02, 2005


YAY FOR SNOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this game. It is colorful and challenging and mindful yet mindless, and addicting and FUN! I started playing in college, and somehow I managed to keep it on my computer and still pass and graduate. I know many people who have had to forcibly take it off of their computers because of it's addictiveness and they were failing their classes. Sounds like I knew some dumb people. But I do not blame the people. I blame the game. It's THAT GOOD! Anyone who has ever played and become addicted will immediately understand.

Now I'm not a huge computer game type person. I never was big into Nintendo or Playstation or any of that stuff. I did have and still do have an original Nintendo system, and I never beat any of the games. I just played for fun. (Once in college my roommate had a Super Nintendo and I played Marioland and saved the whole game l and was like 5 boards from completing and winning the game. I had been playing ALL YEAR! And then it got deleted accidentally and I was pisses and I just gave up. I didn't have the heart to start all over.)

Anyway, once in awhile a game comes up, usually a puzzly type game, that addicts me. Like Tetris, or Collapse, or Endorfun, or SNOOD!!!

Snood has stayed on my computer and has had its phases of addiction. My senior year in college, my second year in PT school, post ankle surgery, studying for the boards, this week....

I think its complex simplicity is what makes it so addicting. I think its color and childishness is what makes it so appealing. There are these funny little faces called "Snoods" which make faces at you, a blue circle face that looks a bit like Grover, a light blue hairy square, a green square with rounded corners, a purple triangle with horns, a gray old face thing, a red frankenstein square circle, and a yellow six sided thing with sun glasses, all making faces and sticking out their tounges and smiling and laughing at you. They cover the screen in various patterns. You shoot the face in your space-age looking shooter at the block of faces above and try to get 3 in a row touching to make them disappear. You bounce them across walls and they always stick where you don't want them to, kinda like saran wrap. Every time you shoot a face there's a counter thing at the side that goes up. When the counter gets to the top, the ceiling of the screen lowers a notch. Your job is to get rid of all the "Snoods" on the screen without letting them drop down and touch the floor. There are colorfully patterened backgrounds that always change, different levels, puzzle games, and you can even create your own levels, if you register that is.

And that's SNOOD. I like it. And now that I have a BLOG I can BLOG about SNOOD!!! and spread the addiction. Luckily all I lose now is sleep when I play and not study time. :) But it's fun and keeps me quiet and occupied and out of trouble. And we ALL know how much trouble I need to be kept out of!! ;)


Anonymous said...

so, for us uninitiated, how do we find Snood to begin the fun? Buy it in a computer store, download it or what?I'm going to have a month of almost nothing and it would be so nice to play Tetris again or Snood. How do i go about it? ann

Carie :) said...

At the top of the post, in the YAY for SNOOD sentence, "Snood" is is link. Or here, go to and you can download it. You can play for free, but if you want some extra features like creating your own boards you can register. They also have a couple of other games to download now, but I haven't played them so I don't know how good they are. Hope you enjoy! :)