Tuesday, January 25, 2005


I got to wear scrubs today! Well, scrub pants anyway. For half the day. Why you ask? I got pooped on, I reply. Yes, again. Part of the job I suppose. I stood a man up and SPLAT!!!! Out it came, and splashed. Onto my pants. You get the picture. I I got to wear scrubs while I washed my pants! Except there wasn't any detergent. So I used water in the washing machine. And I didn't bother to dry them because I wanted to really wash them when I got home. So I wore the scrubs home. I think I'm supposed to return them. Oh well.

These are the reasons that I think therapists should be allowed to wear scrubs on a daily basis. The blood and the pee and the poop! But we don't look professional with scrubs so they say. So why do doctors and nurses look professional in scrubs and we don't? I ask. No one can tell me why. Just that we don't so we can't. But I got the pleasure for this afternoon at least. :)

And that was my day. Nothing else interesting happened.
But YAY for scrubs!

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