Monday, January 24, 2005

Black and White Abstract Art

I know awhile ago when I posted up some of my Watercolors I said I'd post some of my Black and White Abstract Drawings.
I started doing these as doodlings in my notebooks when professors would drone on and on and on, or when they would get off on random tangents etc. They evolved into full page doodlings. Here are some of them.
This next one is something I learned how to do sometime in elementary school art class. I call it a "fingerprinting" drawing because it looks like the center shape is making a fingerprint ripple around the page. I've done this with names, phrases etc. This was one I have hanging in my bedroom at my parents house of my own name. :)
These next two with the pink ribbons I sold. Rob and I walked in the Avon Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk in 2003. I sold these to raise money, all proceeds went to the Avon Foundation . Which works to advance Breast Cancer Research and to bring education and treatment to those who otherwise couldn't offord or access it. It's really a great cause. And the walk was a lot of fun. One of the best parts of selling these drawings was that the person who bought them used them in an auction to raise $$$ for her Avon Walking. So in their making, they were able to give twice to eliminating Breast Cancer.

This last one was a wedding present for Adam and Laurie. :) YAY for Adam and Laurie! The pictures aren't great because of the lighting and the reflection of the frame, but the drawing is hearts and swirlies surrounding a center heart with the phrase Ani L'Dodi V'Dodi Li. I am My Beloveds, and My Beloved is Mine. That's part of Song of Songs and is a part of I thinkl the Ketubah (Marriage Contract) Those who know more can correct me or not, but either way it is a beautiful and commonly used phrase for weddings and marriage and love.

So that's some of the drawing art I do. Abstract, I find it hard to draw something "real" But pretty cool looking i their own right. Hope you enjoyed!


Anonymous said...

Just needed to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. Interesting thoughts on many subjects. Really enjoy looking at your art work. I'm no professional, but I think you've got real talent. I hope you can keep it up with your busy schedule. Also enjoy your take on the books you are reading. Through this blog I feel that I can be a little part of your life. Thanks-Ann

Anonymous said...

Nice work!!! The breast cancer drawings are quite erotic.