Sunday, January 23, 2005

Hospital Beds are UNCOMFORTABLE!

Well, Camping out at the hospital left me with little sleep for the above reason.

It was fine, I got some supper, watched the news on the TV in the patient lounge on the rehab floor for a bit, went to my room on the pedi floor, read my latest library book. (Stiff; the Curious Lives of Human Cadevars)(Hey, it's interesting, funnily written and it was a NY Times Bestseller!)(Ok, yes I have an odd taste in reading sometimes) Anyway, so I read for a bit and went to sleep early.

Or tried to go to sleep early that is... I kept waking up ever couple of hours.

Rubber/plastic mattreses just don't do it for me. They crinkle and make noise when you move. And every time you roll over, the air in the mattress adjusts itself and the bed makes a lot of noise. You can unplug the bed, but then the mattress goes limpish and that's uncomfortable too. And there was an unhappy baby on the floor. :( Poor thing. So I didn't sleep much.

I sat at my window for awhile during my waking hours and watched the snow fall. That was nice. I like watching snow fall, as I BLOGged about the other day. And I got to watch the maintenance people attempt to plow the outside parts and exits/entrances of the parking lot. It was like watching Tonka trucks move around. :) I watched them for awhile, went back to sleep, woke up a couple of hours later and watched them some more, it looked like they hadn't done any plowing. It was kinda funny, but I also felt kinda bad, they were up all night just trying to keep up with the storm, keeping the lot and the streets around the hospital clear for ambulances etc.

Today the hospital was eerily quiet. It's always quiet on a Sunday, but it was quieter because a lot of people didn't make it in for their shifts because of the snow, and a lot of patients left early on Friday and Saturday morning because of the storm. Maybe it was busy on other floors, but it was quiet on Rehab and on Ortho. Which was a good thing for me, I didn't have to run around or be stressed and I was so tired that it helped to be able to move at a bit of a slower pace. We're still really behind, but I was the only therapist for the Acute Care side of the hospital so I only got to go to ortho today. I can only do what one person can do. So I spent my day making people with bilateral knee replacements, back surgery, and neck surgery walk up and down the hallways. :)

I left relatively on time, a bit early actually, and came home and took a nap because I was so tired.

And that was my weekend. I will thoroughly enjoy my day off tomorrow catching up on sleep. :)

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