Saturday, February 19, 2005

I have a Question...

... for anyone out there who is a nurse.

Do they teach you transfers in nursing school? How to get a patient safely in and out of bed? How to get from the bed to the chair and back? Even if the patient is a bit weak?

I thought it was taught. But from some of the nurses at the hospital, you wouldn't know it. They seem to think that patients can't get out of bed until PT sees them. Or if PT gets them up, then PT has to get them back. Reality Check.... we don't have the time to get patients in and out of bed for the nurses. It's bad enough that we're something like 40 evals behind. And I only notice this on some floors. Why do some nurses know how to get patients back to bed and others don't?

Anyway, I know I'm just complaining, but it's been a really busy and cranky day, and it makes me more cranky when I get calls to come ad get a patient back to bed because the nurse says she doesn't know how to.

I was just curious about learning safe transfers. I thought it was taught, but I suppose I could be wrong.

Any ideas?

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