Saturday, February 19, 2005


It's 6;10 AM according to Rob's computer, and it's Saturday morning and I'm getting ready for work. WORK. Yes, Yes, I know, WORK. Hospital calls.....

But complaining about working the weekend, getting up ealry instead of sleeping in a bit and going to shul I have done, and that wasn't the point of my BLOG early this morning.

Watercolors. My watercolor class is cancelled!!! George is ill and can't teach the class and if they can't find a substitute it's cancelled! EEEK! It would be stinky if the class was cancelled because I really enjoy it, but GEORGE!!! And I only know him through the class, so I can't go inquiring around, but still it's NOT COOL! I hope that he's ok. He's a great guy and a great teacher and I hope he's ok. I love my watercolors, class, it teaches me not to be a perfectionist, to let the watercolors take charge as they may, to bring balance to the perfectionistic and artistic/creative sides of me. To know not to have oto copy a painting exactly from the photo. To do sketches and value studies before starting a piece. (Those are hard for me) To know when a piece is done, and not to touch it lest you ruin it! George likes moderation. "Everything in Moderation Including Moderation!" he always says, and if you recieve emails from me you'll know that. And while I can watercolor on my own, it would still be nice to go to class and get instruction, and well, even if they find a sub, I hope George is ok.

And on that note, I must dash. 6:17 AM and I have to finish getting ready to leave in about 13 minutes. Have a good Saturday all! Be well George, I'm thinking about ya!

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