Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Patient of the Day

Today I saw a patient who is 76 years old and was admitted for c/o severe back pain after a yoga class. Bad for the back pain but HOW CUTE IS THAT!?! 76 years old and taking YOGA!!!

And she was completely adorable. First of all she doesn't even look close to 76. She plays golf with a group of gals, who "Don't know how old [she is]", she runs obstacle courses for competition with her dog, and she exercises and works out all the time. And when I tied her gown up in the back for our walk I told her as I do many patients, "No free shows today!" Her reply was "You're no fun!!!"

HOW CUTE IS SHE!?!?!?! It was definitely a pleasurably cute patient to have today. She gets my vote for the Patient of the Day. :)

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