Friday, February 25, 2005

Visitors to my BLOG

I love watching the referrals to my BLOG from my webcounter website.

Most who come to my humble second and better abode on the net have an unknown referral which I'm assuming means you all get here by yourselves and you like to read what my mind has to say.

Some come through the NEXT BLOG button at the top right corner of the screen, which if you click, Blogger will take you to a random BLOG. I've seen some pretty cool BLOGS that way, and become a "regular" on other random peoples BLOGs.

Still others come through websearches on random subjects, the two most popular being poop and tonsoliths, not necessarily in that order. And these are due to my random anecdotes about patients and their incontinence at the hospital, and of course my bout (which continues on and off) with tonsil stones that don't want to come out and make my tonsils hurt. This happened last night actually, I coughed up the largest one I had ever seen, so big in fact that my otherwise now feeling normal tonsils, well my right one anyway, HURT for a few hours until it came out. And once it did, I felt betterer. :) And so I digress... ANYWAY.....

I do hope that any info I provided on my bout with tonsoliths and dumb ENT's tellling me I needed them out, and smart ones telling me not to worry, unless I can't breathe or swallow for long periods of time because adult tonsillectomies are SUPER DUPER PAINFUL, helped you and was the info you were looking for.

And for those of you lookng for info and jokes on poop, WHY???

So thats that. Entertainment from referrals to my BLOG. Yes, I'm strange and in need of other forms of entertainment. But it's fun anyway.

So how did YOU come to visit me???? I'm curious to hear who's reading ym BLOG and why! Lemme know! :) TTYS!! Time for work!


Anonymous said...

so, what's your first and lesser abode on the net?

Carie :) said...

I kept up a website when I was in college, it was pretty badly done considereing i knew little html and there weren't great webpage maker programs then. But I haven't updated it for about 6 years, and I can't delete it because the password was changed by the host for some reason, so I don't know the password, and it was attached to an email address that no longer exists. To be quite honest with you I don't even remember the exact web address, just that it was on Geocities. Oh well. It's just as well.