Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Painting and Drawing Classes

My art classes started this week. A substitute was found for my watercolors class, so that one wasn't cancelled. But George did have a stroke, and will be out of commission for awhile if not indefinitely. I do hope that he is doing well, as I have no info other than he had a stroke, but I wish him a speedy recovery and I miss him.

Our sub is ok, I think she felt overwhelmed, taking on a class with like 2 days notice. But I think it'ss turn out ok. It'll be nice to get another perspective. And I still want to learn with a teacher, not just paint on my own.

Drawing is pretty good so far. I think it will be challenging and helpful, interesting and fun, frustrating and relaxing all at the same time. But mostly I hope that I can gain ideas and knowledge of shapes and bojects, but especially of perspective and light. I'd like to be able to do more challenging foregrounds in my paintings. And I think the drawing will help.

And well, that's really all there is to day about the first days of classes. You spend a lot of time talking about materials and not doing a ton of art the first day. Everyone is at a different level so usually you get tot he second class and people are stocked up on supplies and ready to go. Then they get more interesting. :) And hopefully I'll have some new and imporved stuff to show y'all soon. Wow, look at me, a New Yorker turned New England resident saying y'all. Where did THAT come from!?! :)

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