Sunday, February 13, 2005

Speaking of Library Books...

I've been reading still. I finished my cadever book, and now I'm on to Wicked.

I really liked the cadevar book, it was interesting, and actually pretty funny. And it makes ya think. Although I think I'm taking it off of my wish list. One read is enough, I don't need to own it, I don't see myself reading it over and over again. If I really want to read it again, I can go back to the library. I'm enjoying Wicked. It's kinda cool to imagine the lives before the Wizard of Oz.

And I'm late to return my books.. and I still have 2 more. I think I was over ambitious this checkout, I took out 4 long books. Oh well, some late fees and renewels this week should fix it.

But YAY for the library! I've been using the library forever and ever. I'm a bookworm, love to get lost in a story. Although with all the books that Rob has in the apartment (about 1200-1300) why I go out to the library is beyond me.

Any recommendations for a good book to add to my list to read? Tee hee!


Anonymous said...

Late fees paid for library books is a waste of hard earned money.

Carie :) said...

Except that the total fee was under a dollar for 5 books, over a week overdue. It would have cost much more to buy even ONE of those books. And it's not like the $$ goes to a bad place, it helps the library run. Or at least I assume that's where the $$ goes, operating expenses for the library system... Hmmmmm I've never really thought about where exactly my $$ goes when I pay that dollar, I've always just assumed the library used it for library purposes. Where do YOU think it goes? :)