Monday, March 07, 2005

I forgot to BLOG about last weekend

Last last weekend that is. This weekend that just passed I worked. Blah. But LAST weekend, Rob and I went into the city to see the Lion King on Broadway. :) TEE HEE!

We went in a bit early and got to see the gates in Central Park. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Well the city was PACKED! Central Park was PACKEDer. And the gates were CONSTRUCTION CONE ORANGE!!! The concept was pretty cool, and the reaction was fun to watch, and it was weird to see them everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE! But any individual gate itself was pretty ugly. Made worse by the fact that it was hideously orange. "Whoever said that orange was the new pink, was seriously disturbed." But they kinda grew on me as we walked around. Like I said, the concept was pretty cool, and the fact that they were everywhere was pretty cool. And the city was pretty alive, albeit crowded.

We had supper at one of our favorite diners, because you just can't find a good diner in CT. The ones in Stamford are especially bad. I love NY diners, I love diners period (it's in my blood) but NY ones are the best. But that's another topic for another BLOG.

The Lion King was FANTABULOUS! If you haven't seen it, see it!!!! It was so great, and I knew all the lines and songs and all that from seeing the movie so many times, but the costumes, and the sets, and the staging, and the dancing, and the voices, it was all just amazing. I LOVED Rafiki. My favorite character in the story, but the woman who played her (YES in the movie it was a him) was awesome. I really was impressed how a lot of the scenes were staged, I was pretty curious to know how they were going to portray some of then, especially a stampede of wildabeasts. But it was done, and very creatively, really well done. We sat up in the mezzanine which was fine because there was stadium seating so we (well, I) could see everything, but we missed the parade of animals down the orchestra aisles during the Circle of Life at the beginning of the show. Poor Rob though. He had Marge Simpson sitting in from of him. Quite Literally. This woman had braided hair that went up in a beehive to probably 8 inches or so high off her head. And she was a tall woman too, so it made it that much worse. Poor Rob, he really couldn't see ANYTHING. He was kinda joking around about it, but I felt bad that he couldn't see. We did have a great time though, and I do recommend that you see the show if you ever get the chance. And hopefully Marge Simpson wont be in town. But YAY FOR THE LION KING!!!

So that was my last weekend in the city that I forgot to BLOG about. :) I miss being in NYC, CT just doesn't cut it sometimes. It was a nice day. Hopefully I'll have more of them in the enar future, as the weather gets warmer, I miss being able to walk around NY and watch the people come out of winter hiding and all that fun stuff.

And on that note, its an early bed for me, as I must get up early for work work work work manana. Nite Nite all!

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