Sunday, March 06, 2005

New Driving Discovery

I95 in Southern CT runs mostly East/West unlike the rest of the highway which runs North/South. I live in Stamford and work in Bridgeport, so I go East in the AM and West in the PM. Ususally around the times that the sun is rising and setting, ESPECIALLY in the winter. So I ususlly have the sun in my eyes, or just to the right of my eyes during my commute. It can be perty blinding, and uncomfortable.

Now I 95 is an Expressway, not a Parkway so there are trucks all over the place. I'm usually pretty neutral about trucks, don't love them but I'm not super scared of driving with them either. They can sometimes make me a bit nervous, especially the ones that carry the cars, I'm always afraid the cars are going to come toppling off the truck. But I've found a random new trick to use the trucks to my advantage when driving to and from work to make my commute easier. Get into a lane just to the left of a big truck, and stick with it. Then, the truck blocks the sun coming from the right/front and I can see and my commute is less blinding. :) Ok, not a genius thing, but it has made my life easier on those daily blinding drives. AND, it makes me not so scared to be close to a truck as I once was.

So ta dum!!! My new driving discovery. Ahhh, the strange things my brain comes up with to BLOG about.

have a good Sunday! Time to get people OOBTC, whether they want to or not!!!!

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