Sunday, March 27, 2005

Top 10 things 20-Somethings do at a Bat Mitzvah:

10- Take full advantage of an open bar!

9- Play Coke & Pepsi with the 13 year olds.

8- Scream all the answers for kids trivia from the opposite end of the room.

7- Dance like crazy people (and even fall down during the Hora!)

6- Sing Meatloaf with the 50-somethings like you are all at a bar.

5- Cheer for everything and anything. (see #10)

4- Marvel at the way 13 year olds dress and wonder why they don't sell clothes like that in adult sizes.

3- Eat the kids food because its better. (ie: onion rings and cotton candy)

2- Debate if you can play Bat Mitzvah games at your wedding.

1- Wonder why your Bat-Mitzvah's were never as much fun. (Again, see # 10)

Courtesy mostly of Stoofie


Stefanie said...

Big props to me for coming up with the idea for this list and half of its items! :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow, and I thought that a Bat Mitzvah was somewhat of a religious ceremony and celebration. It sounds more like a juvenile version of a frat party!

Carie :) said...

A bat Mitzvah IS a religious celebration. The Bar/Bat Mitzvah leads a service in shul, reads from the Torah, makes an Aliyah(blessing) at the Torah, reads from the Haftorah, makes a d'var torah (speech about what she learned about her Torah portion), recieves blessings etc.

However, there is a party afterwards to celebrate. The kids don't drink, there happened at this affair to be an open bar for the adults, but no one was rip roaring drunk. We all maybe had 1 or 2 drinks. There's dancing, a Hora of course, and games for the kids. My cousin's, our significant others and I , all 20-something except for the Bat Mitzvah girl (she's younger by a lot than all of us) had a lot of fun being kids agian; enjoying the music, playing the games, etc. My Aunts and Uncles had a good time dancing and singing along to the music. Again, none of us were drunk at all. We were just having a good time. And my family has really needed a good time lately. My sister came up with the list to recount the good time in humorous terms.

Hope that answered your question.

Anonymous said...

Well, the list was for 20-Somethings, but seemed pretty childish.

Anonymous said...

"Take advantage of an open bar", but you mention twice that no one was drunk?

Who are you trying to kid???

Carie :) said...

Ya know what, I think some of my anonymous commenters need to get lives and stop over analyzing something that was OBVIOUSLY meant to be humorous, and not necessarily 100% the truth.