Saturday, April 30, 2005

I couldn't resist another post this evening.

But there was a GREAT joke in one of the bathrooms today. Going to the bathroom is always interesting in the hospital. With all the weddings I have come up this summer, and all the weddings co-workers have coming up this summer and fall, I thought it was pretty good.

Jane's wedding day was approaching, and she couldn't be more excited. Nothing, not even her parent's recent, nasty divorce was going to spoil the day. And her mother had found the perfect dress! She looked AMAZING in it and she would be the best dressed Mother-of-the-Bride ever.

Soon after, Jane discovered that her fathers new young wife had bought the same exact dress! Jane was mortified! She explained the situation and asked her if she would exchange the dress for something else. The step-mother adamantly refused, "I look like a million bucks in that dress, there's NO WAY I'm returning it!!"

Jane went home and told her mother what had happened. Her mother said , "Don't worry sweetie, I'll get another dress, it's your special day." So Jane and her mother went the next day to look for a new dress. They were very successful, and Jane's mother bought another stunning dress. Jane asked her mother if she was going to return the first dress, she really didn't have another occasion she could wear it to.

Janes mother replied, "No sweetie, I'm not going to return it. And I have the perfect occasion to wear it to, I'm wearing it to the Rehearsal Dinner!"

Ta Dum DUM!!!


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