Monday, May 23, 2005

My Birthday Weekend

This past Saturday was my Birthday! :) TEE HEE!

It was a quiet, yet nice day.

It all started with my cake and card at work on Friday, which was really nice of everyone. :) And YUMMY too. MMMMMM CHOOOOCOLAAAAATE!!!!

Saturday was nice. Rob and I went to Shul, and then came home and took a nap. Out Shabbas schluff!! :) Then we took a walk and went for supper. YUMMY Indian food. This is the ONLY good restaurant in Stamford btw...

So it was a nice and quiet and pleasant day. Along with all the phone calls and emails from friends and family. A nice way to celebrate 27 years of life.

Sunday was Stoofie's Graduation from her Masters in Guidance Counseloring at Hofstra University. As usually the ceremony was long and boring, but I'm really proud of Stoofie, she worked REALLY hard and she did well in grad school and now she's free!! YAY!! So we had graduation and dinner and it was fun.

As for gifts, as people ALWAYS inevitably ask, My mom as we all know bought me 2 purses and a watch already, AND she managed to sneak something in, a photo album so I can scrapbook my photos from our SFO/Wine Country/Yosemite trip last October. She's too much. WAY too much. I'm appreciative and I love all my gifts, but it was so much. THANK YOU MOMMY! And Rob got me an iPod. A PINK iPod. He said I'm a girl now with my skirts, and high heels and pocketbooks, so he got me PINK! WOW, what a gift. Which is AWESOME because I've been wanting one, but again SO MUCH! And it makes me feel badly because I can't reciprocate because I have more expenses and make less $$ than he does. But again, I'm happy and appreciative and I can't wait to use it... Except for one thing. Rob's computer is literally in pieces (he took it apart, and is now trying to put it back together again, kinda like Humpty Dumpty, he keeps coming up with extra screws that he took out but can't figure out where to put back in) ANYWAY, so his computer in in pieces, and besides that my computer is virus and spyware ridden and the hard drive needs to be wiped, it runs on Win 98, and you need at least Win 2000 to run the software for the iPod. Oh well. So now I have an AWESOME gift that I can't use...

And that was my Birthday. :) Not too exciting, relaxing, time with Rob, time with family, time in shul, nice and generous gifts, loving friends and family, fun coworkers... Again, a pretty good way to celebrate 27 years of life.

And ROB'S Birthday is Wednesday! He's gonna be 30! :) So on Wednesday go wish him a Happy Birthday to a really wonderful person. :) He's the bestest. At least I think so. TEE HEE!!!

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