Monday, May 30, 2005

My Chicago Pictures

I got my Chicago pictures back from Snapfish. Here's some of the best ones. Enjoy!

Dr. Fidler playing 3-Card Monty

Jen loooooooves CHOCOLATE CAKE!!!

Fun in the Limo with Ed, Gopal, and Jill

MORE CAKE! I told you, the desserts were HUGE!

The Bridgeport Gang by our poster presentation

Ed's getting all fancied up for the banquet

Banquet table arrangement.

Banquet Roses

My Hotel! The Hyatt Regency Chicago.

From Milennium Park onto South Michigan Avenue. You can see the Loop part of the El in the background.

From Chagall's The Four Seasons

The Picasso Sculpture

The Chicago Tribune Building and some perty fancy artchitecture.

Sears Tower from the River

Pretty river vegetated building.

Navy Pier. I didn't get to go there, not enough time. :(

Chicago Skyline from Lake Michigan

On Lake Michigan. Can you tell I was on a rocking boat?!?!?

My Mom will love this one... The slanty topped building in the center, about the 3rd tallest in the picture; Oprah lives on the top floor.

River views

More River Views

Chicago flower gardens!

Pretty flowers closer up!

Flower gardens up Michigan Avenue

Pretty Pretty City Flowers

And that's all folks!

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