Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince

I LOVE Harry Potter. I have DEVOURED all of the series so far, and know most of them by heart. BTW, If you haven't read them, read them, they are an awesome mix of fantasy, good vs. evil, fun, good storytelling..... It's so easy to get lost in this wizarding world (JKR thought of EVERYTHING, it's so COMPLETE!), and so much fun to read! Anyway, so as you might imagine, I finished the 6th and latest installment in about 3 days. And that was me trying to take it slow to savor it... Oh well. I couldn't help myself.

I will not tell you what happened for not wanting to ruin it for you. I will however, say these 4 things.

1. I LOVE DUMBLEDORE! He cracks me up. :)
2. The Book was AWESOME, though dark.
3. I cried. :(
4. OH MY GOSH!!!!! :-O

So that's what I have to say about that. Enjoy the book! YAY for Harry Potter!!!

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