Tuesday, August 23, 2005

New Glasses!

I got new Glasses! YAY! It's nice to be able to see properly again.

I have officially given up on contact lenses. My eyes just don't tolerate them anymore. So if I'm wearing glasses only, I need 2 pairs. I'm keeping my old pair, though I'll get new lenses for them (the coating is coming off making things blurry) and I got a new pair. They're VEEEEERY different than anything I've ever worn before. Plastic, and dark.

I usually get minimizing frames, something that isn't too stand-outish, you can see my face not my glasses kind of glasses. These are plastic, dark, a brown tortise shell, you're definitely wearing glasses glasses, though there's a blue green in the background that peeks through a bit lightening it. PLUS I haven't worn plastic glasses since I'm about 12 years old, so it's taking a bit of getting used to the feel of them. I think it's a fun new look. I like them a lot. I never thought plastic frames would ever look good on me, but these are fun, and so different! I still can't believe it's me, every time I pass a mirror I need to do a double take.

Here's the difference. I think I look so different with each pair. Just a completely different look and feel.

Different, but fun. I like that I can choose my glasses to fit my mood or the look I want. :) YAY for new glasses! They're so much fun!!!


Anonymous said...

You definitely look more sophisticated with the new glasses, as compared to the photo from SF! Why did you give up on the contacts - did you try various brands?

Carie :) said...

I've been wearing contacts since I'm 12. (when I gave up my plastic glasses) My eyes just don't tolerate them anymore. I can't find comfortable lenses. My eyes get really dry and they hurt, and I'm more sensitive to the solutions. If I wear them a whole day, I'm really uncomfortable, and I actually have a hard time getting them out from the dryness. Same thing and then some if I wear them multiple days in a row. PLUS my prescription is so bad that the lenses are that much thicker which make a big difference. I tried about 6 or 7 diffefent brands/types in the past 2 years or so. And I've been wearing the lenses less and less, I just don't like them and it's not worth the uncomfortableness. What I'm going to do now is just get a small supply of daily's and wear them for short amounts of time, special occasions, going out etc. Oh how I wish I could just see normally.....
Oh, and thanks for the compliment! :) I kinda like sophisticated. :)