Monday, August 29, 2005

The Stew Leonards Experience... and the rest of the weekend too.

Saturday night Rob and I went to Stew Leonards. Yeah, I know, great Saturday night activity. :) We couldn't decide what to do, neither of us had ever been, I hadn't even heard of it until recently, and Rob wanted to see barnyard animals. So we went. We needed produce anyway. It was certainly an experience. Kinda like a cross between an amusement park and a grocery store and a dairy, and HUGE! Rob got to pet a cow, which he was VERY happy about, but not a lamb-ie which he was disappointed about. We got fresh produce which I was happy about because the Stop and Shop by us has ICKY produce that goes bad very quickly. We got 2 cases of Snapple (24 bottles) for $11. That was kinda cool. And we got to eat ice cream. :) That was good too. Ice cream ALWAYS makes it a good time. It's one of life's 3 cure-alls. :)

So that was our weekend experience. The rest of it was nice, though nothing amazingly special. We went to shul Saturday morning and too our Shabbat Schluf in the afternoon, Stew Leonards in the evening. Sunday we slept in and went to visit Rob father out in Stonybrook Long Island for the day. And I painted last night and periodically through the weekend. YAY for painting!

Anyway it's Monday AM and time for work. People are in need of getting out of bed... Have a good day all!! :)

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