Monday, August 29, 2005

Childrens Names

Today I treated a little girl whose name was Brooklyn. Not Brooke Lynn, that would have been bad enough, but Brooklyn. And that's not the first time I've seen that name for a little girl. I've know 2 or 3 Brooklyns'.

I'm sorry, but that's cruel and unusual punishment for a child. She is going to be taunted HORRIBLY for her name when she's in school. Kids are mean and that's an easy target. Carie was an easy target, (ie Carry, can you Carry this blah blah because your name is Carie and that's what you're supposed to do... or Carie, you can't be yourself on Shabbas! (that was in college too..)) If that's an easy target, Brooklyn is worse.

It's like naming you daughter Sandy when your last name is Beach. Or like a girl I knew in High School whose name was Nyshea beacuse her father was a Mets fan. (NY, Shea Staduim)

Whay do parents DO that to their kids??? I don't get it.

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