Thursday, September 01, 2005

A Fish Named Dog

According to my latest Snapple Cap, the most common name for a goldfish is Jaws. Cute. :)

When I was a Freshman in College, I had a goldfish. I named him Dog. He was my first pet ever. Dog died 2 days later. (It was very sad) Luckily the pet store had a 7-day guarantee on their goldfish. If it died within 7 days, you got another one for free. (no joke) So I got another goldfish. I named him Dog Jr. He died within 24 hours. (I wasn't feeling to happy about my pet caretaking skills) So off to the pet store I went for Dogg the III. (He lived 9 months) :)

Why Dog? Well my first day at school the RA's and the RD has a meeting with all the freshman in the building (YAY Cleveland! Velveeeeeeeta!!!!) and they told us that we couldn't have any pets unless they were in a bowl with water. And no we couldn't buy a dog and name him Fish. But yes, we could by a fish and name him Dog. (I asked) So I did. Tee Hee!

As it turns out, Dog means fish in Hebrew. So it worked out well. He was a good goldfish. Well all 3 of them were, but I really only had a relationship with Dog the III. I was very upset when he died, I gave hima proper burial and everything, I didn't just give him a burial at sea via the toilet. I never had a goldfish after him. Ah well.....

And if I ever get a dog (and being in a relationship with Rob there's a pretty good chance of that) I may just name him Fish. :)

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