Monday, August 08, 2005

Ok Ok Ok

I know, I know, I know, my third post this afternoon.... but I'm relaxing and doing little except laundry on my day off, and since I'm relaxing and not running around, I'm enjoying the ability to be computering and well, I just keep having things to say.

I was just spending some time on my BLOG's web counter. Some 3,000 and change people have visited my BLOG in the past year or so. Not a HUGE # but not horrible either. I kinda like it.

One of the things I noticed, was that most of the people who have come to my rambling place on the web, have done so from an "unknown" source. To me, that assumes that these people know the blog address and go to it directly and don't necessarily stumble upon it from another site, or a search. Those who do come from another site, 90% are looking for swollen tonsils, and the other 10% is a mix of the next BLOG button, Rob's site, and various other peoples who have linked me to their sites at one time or another.

So as I looked at these unknowns, I noticed a lot of repeat IP addresses/internet companies. AOL, Optonline, etc. I realize AOL and optonline and others are companies with multiple users, however, I can also look up the location of the user, city and state. And when I did that I noticed patterns and repeats.

There were a lot of repeat cities, and I am assuming that many are from the same persons in those cities. Which means I get regular visitors to my BLOG from places where I don't know, or don't think I know anyone. Places like Oakland, CA, Toledo, OH, South Burlington, VT, Atlanta, GA, Edinburgh, UK, New Rochelle, NY, Hinesville, GA, Ontario, Canada and many others.

And because one of my reasons for BLOGGING is to meet people and make long distance acquaintences etc, I'd like to hear from y'all. Who are you? How did you come to my site? Why do you keep coming back? Do you have a website or BLOG I could read? Anything you want to tell me. Y'all know a lot aboot me, I'd like to know aboot you too. Plus I get curious to know the identities of all my anonymous commenters. 99% of my comments are anonymous. I'd love to know who y'all are!!!!!!

So here's the hand of friendship and communication. (Imagine me sticking my hand through your computer screen) Grab a hold and lets chat! :)

Let's get together, yeah yeah yeah.... why don't you and I combine.... Let's get together what do ya say? We could have a swingin' time..... And though we haven't got a lot, we could be sharing all we've got...... Let's get together!!!!!!! YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!!

(Bonus points for anyone who can tell me where that's from!) :)

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Anonymous said...

Do I show up as Montpelier, VT? I read your blog whenever I have enough working brain cells to read blogs. Wendy from Maple Corner