Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I Can't Even Think of a Good Title, This Story is So Good!

My co-worker told me this story... It's second or third hand, but according to her, she knows the person it happened to and it's true.

My co-worker's sister's friend took her kids to the Mystic Aquarium. Her son has Downs Syndrome. He's about 10 years old. So they're walking around the aquarium and somehow her son goes missing. She gets frantic, can't find him and goes to security. They ask her to describe him, what he's wearing etc. She described him, said he was wearing jeans, a tshirt, and had on a backpack. It's his "security blanket" and takes it everywhere.

They go looking and looking and can't find him anywhere int he Aquarium. Finally they find him, OUTSIDE the aquarium, walking up a hill away from the aquarium. He's SOAKING WET from head to toe. And he's nonverbal so he can't tell them where he was etc. So his mom puts him in the car and they go home, but the kid stinks to high heaven, they have all the windows rolled down etc.

When they get home she tells him you're all wet and dirty, you need to take a bath, we need to wash you clothes etc. She runs the bath for him and tells him to get into the bath, she'll be right back. So when she gets back, she can't get into the bathroom, he locked the door, she can't get in and he won't let her in. And he NEVER acts like this apparantly. So she finds the key to the bathroom and opens the door, and in the bathtub is her son.... and a PENGUIN!!!!!!

Her son stole a penguin from the aquarium and brought it home in his backpack! How crazy is that! We were all ROLLING when she was telling us this story. She practically couldn't finish telling it she was laughing so hard.

My questions are How the heck did he get into the penguin habitat? How did no one SEE him getting into the penguin habitat? How did he get the penguin in his backpack? Why didn't anyone hear the penguin squawking around or see it moving around in the backpack??? And what possessed the kid to literally go in and get a penguin anyway???? And the kid can't talk, and the penguin can't talk, so all of these questions go unanswered.

The kid brought a penguin home from the aquarium in his backpack. Can you imagine?????


Anonymous said...

OMG OMG OMG!!!!! I Want one! I want one so badly! I love Penguins! *SQUEEEEE*
haha I assume he had to return it, eh?

-Evi (whoops again)

Carie :) said...

Glad you enjoyed it. :) Yes he had to give the penguin back. I'm happy to say that the penuin is safely back at the mystic aquarium. But the mom didn't know what to do at first and she called the police, she didnt want the penguin to die or anything, my friend said like 10 cop cars came because they all just wanted to see it. :)

Aldon Hynes said...

Not to be too skeptical, but this sounds an aweful lot like the famous 'A child smuggles a penguin out of an amusement park. ' legend.

Check out http://www.snopes.com/critters/farce/smuggled.asp

Carie :) said...

It DOES sound like that, but as far as I know my friend KNOWS this person and says it's true. Either way, it's a great story.

itchymitchy said...

So no one got mad at the child for stealing the penguin

Try using the title bathtub/bath time surprise..

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Hate to burst your story, but this is totally untrue, keep hearing this rumour (alot) and every seems to "know" the person. However, I work at the Mystic Aquarium (WITH the penguins) and can assure you that this is COMPLETELY untrue. However, it is becoming a great urban legend. African penguins are an extremely aggressive species and this situation would be utterly impossible.
--Penguin Trainer