Sunday, November 13, 2005

Honk for Peace

On a happier more fun makes me smile topic (instead of annoying and pointless political arguments with people who don't respect other peoples opinions topics...)

EVERY Saturday, and I mean EVERY Saturday, for the past two years (or at least that past two years I've been there) there is a Senior Woman in Norwalk who stands in front of the Norwalk Town Hall with signs and banners saying HONK FOR PEACE!!!

I see her on the Saturdays I'm off from work and go to shul. (Which from now on is EVERY Saturday because I don't have to work Saturdays anymore! YAY!!!) We drive right past the Town Hall on the way to and from shul. And there she is. Rain shine, snow, freezing cold, WHAEVER, she's there EVERY Saturday with her signs and banners.

Honk for Peace! End the War! Bring our Troops Home!

I LOVE IT!!!! I go by honking and honking and waving to her, and she's always so excited and smiling and waving, its so awesome. The noise on that corner is awesome from all the honks. Luckily it's not in a residential area. But still, it's pretty cool.

I love her enthusiasm, and I admire her dedication. I think it's so amazing that she cares SO MUCH about the world and others to spend EVERY SATURDAY in front of Town Hall saying Honk for Peace. If only everyone in this world shared her enthusiasm, caring and spirit. Imagine what a world we would/could live in. I love it!!! TEE HEE!!!!

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