Sunday, November 13, 2005

Tax Dollar Clarification

Ahhhhhhhh......... It's always the political things that get people riled up. Even if I don't mean for things to be political. All I MEANT to write was how I was appalled at how someone was being treated while attempting to vote. I guess I was just being naive once again about the state of the world and peoples views. I always assume that everyone would wanted to be treated respectfully no matter WHO they are and WHAT they thought, but once again I was proven wrong.

I just would like to clarify this:

*The translators, and most other election day poll workers are VOLUNTEERS!!*

So you can relax that you tax dollars aren't funding what YOU might consider an unworthy cause.

And while on the subjext of taxes, I found this info from a website entitled The National Priorities Project.

For every tax dollar we pay, the US government spends 30 cents on the military, and yet only 4 cents on education. Or 3 cents on Veteran's benefits. Veterans associations estimate that they are 4.3 billion dollars short of the resources they need to care for our aging veterans, and our newly disabled veterans medical needs. 19 cents per dollar is spent on debt (half of that being military debt) and only 2 cents spent on natural resources, 2 cents on housing and .04 cents on job training. Only 11 cents is spent on Social Security and Disability Income. Less than HALF a penny is spent on energy conservation, and yet safe, reliable and affordable energy alternatives will ensure our country against future instability and conflict by releiving our dependence on fossil fuels.

YOU may be worrying about the government spending your tax dollars on something that it isn't spent on, like translators, but personally, I'M worried about the gross disproportion of the governments spending of my tax dollars.

Editors Note: You may have noticed some changes. I decided that you all pissed me off too much by being idotic assholes, and I didn't want to have to keep looking at your mean spirited comments and harassments. So I deleted them, and all but the true points of my postings. I admit to being wrong. I was wrong in my actions, I know it. But there are a lot worse things that could have been done and are being done even now. There isn't anything we can do to change the past except change for the future. It is something that I have been striving to do for a long time in many different ways, and it is something I will continue to strive for, for I am not and never will be perfect, nor anyone else in this world. My hope is that all of the cowardly anonymous commenters who seem to dislike me and my views so much will attempt to better themselves and change for the future as well. Either mend your ways and start being respectful persons, or please stop reading my BLOG. And if you must read, please keep your disgusting comments to yourself. At the risk of using an cliche, If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Disagreement is fine by me, but there is a point when disagreement becomes rudeness, and I truly hope that you learn where that point is. For when you do, you will be one step further to being a better, nicer, and happier person.

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