Sunday, December 04, 2005

A Final Date! FINALLY!!!

Rob and I have FINALLY decided on a final date and place for our wedding. It took FOREVER to find the right place for the right price. And after all that looking we ended up deciding on the place we thought we might want to have it originally. Our Synagogue. :)

Family and Friends.....
Save the Date!

Sunday October 22, 2006

It's right after all the holidays, Rosh Chodesh actually, so WE DON'T HAVE TO FAST! YAY!
We haven't put down $$$ or signed the contract yet, but the Congregation and Caterer have both penned (as opposed to penciled) us in and reserved the time for us. We'll probably get all the paperwork together sometime next week.

Now comes the task of finding a photographer/videographer, and band, and dresses, and flowers and all those other details. I'm sure there are pleanty more things that will have to be done that I'm not thinking of but they'll come up eventually I'm sure.

I'm feeling better though that we have all that finalized. I feel a bit calmer.
YAY for getting married!!! I'm SO EXCITED!!!! :) :) :)


Anonymous said...

Mazel Tov!! Love -Ann & Allan. We've penned in the date.

Adam Stern said...

That is so fantastic! I've been go excited for you ever since I found out about the news! Very very awesome!