Monday, December 05, 2005

Week One in Review Week Two To Start

Well, I'm starting Week Two at my new job.

So far so good! I had orientation on Monday and Tuesday which was a process, a lot of repetitive safety, fire safety, policies and procedures etc, but there was also A LOT of customer service and satisfaction. The hospital is in the 99th percentile for customer satisfaction nationwide according to the Press Gainey survey. And they've been there for the last 15 quarters. WOW! So they take customer satisfaction VERY seriously, and likewise almost HALF of orientation was dedicated to that. And I got a lot of it in my departmental orientation as well.

People are really nice, really accomodating, and really helpful. There's some kind of learning curve, my clinical skills are fine, just learning the computers, and the lay of the land and the goings on etc. The hardest part?? Learning everyones names!!! The best part?? MY OWN DESK!!!! With My OWN COMPUTER!!!! That's exciting. :)

I spent a lot of time last week learning stuff, treated a few patients, but I was perty slow. Which I'm not used to being, so I feel REALLY unproductive... but like I said, there's a learning curve. :)

The second best part??? I got the weekend schedule at the end of last week, and until June I'm working only 5 Sundays. That's like a MILLION percent better than where I was. I'm planning on doing some per diem work to earn some more $$$$ but that's MY choice. And I get paid extra. :) I was off this weekend! :) And guess what!?!?! I'm off next weekend too!!!! TEE HEE!!!

The third best part?? If I work late I get paid for it! That's nice. The culture of working late I'm finding is so different. Before, we were SO far behind that we could have been there 48 hours straight and still not get it all done. And we didn't get paid extra for staying late. So we didn't if we could help it. If something important came up we did, but on the whole we left on time. Here, we're behind, but nothing that can't be fixed if we all stay an hour or so later. And we get paid for that hour. So we stay. It's SUCH a difference! I'm looking forward to my new paycheck, a higher salary with getting paid for my extra time. That'll be NICE! :) :)

And on that note I've gots to go to work now. Don't want to be late. But I wanted to give a blurb on the goods so far of my new job. More laterer!!!

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