Wednesday, December 07, 2005

No More Labcoat!!!

You may remember, at some point I don't remember where I wrote aboot my labcoat pockets. I love labcoat pockets. They're so USEFUL!!! They hold EVERYTHING! Pens, pencils, hilighters, chapstick, hand lotion, gait belt, goniometer, stethoscope...... etc etc etc. You name it, I probably had it in my labcoat. And if I didn't have it in my labcoat, I had it in my clipboard folder.

Well, no more labcoats at my new job! OY! We have a uniform, which is great, khaki pants, black shirt. I never have to think aboot what I'm going to wear in the morning. But I don't have all my pockets! I have to carry my goniometer and pens in my folder which makes them more easily lost, I wear my gait belt which can be a pain in the neck because it's so loooong and I trip over it when the tuck ins come loose, and I don't even carry my stethoscope anymore. It's WEIRD! And so much harder to get used to! I miss having my chapstick and lotion around. My hands and lips are SO DRY in the winter with the dry heat in the hospital and all the hand washing. My fingers are starting to crack open. (time for the corn huskers lotion)

I'm getting used to it, as I'm getting used to being in a new place with a new routine and new rules, but I do miss my labcoat. It's SUCH a different environment... not better or worse, just different. I miss some things and peoples I left and not others. And I LOVE things aboot the new stuff, and some things arent 100% great. I just need to adjust I think, and change for me is hard... I REALLY do miss my labcoat though. Oh well. I guess that's the tradeoff for my own desk. Which when thinking about it, is SO MUCH BETTER!!!! TEE HEEE!!!!!

I love having little pictures around, and a place to keep things like extra food in case I forget my lunch, or extra pens, and paperclips, and papers and reference books... The desk is so much fun! Like my own little home away from home. I like having some personal space that's always free instead of sharing a tiny space with 20 other people and not always guaranteed a place to do what you need to do or a safe place to keep things. YAY for desks!!!

Anyways, so that's my lament aboot labcoat pockets. And of course my goings on aboot my desk. I think that's going to worm it's way into the conversation a lot for a bit.... :) :) :)

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