Sunday, December 25, 2005

Good Morning!

Happy Holiday for all those who may celebrate a holiday. I personally am VERY much looking forward to lighting my menorah tonight. I LOVE Chanukah because I LOVE lighting the candles and then I REALLY LOVE watching the candles. They're SO PRETTY! Fire is just FASCINATING! :) It's just very peaceful to watch the candle flame. (Especially with my hot chocolate with my candy cane) It's all warm and comforting and happy... :)

But first...... I have work. YES I have to work today, that's the breaks when you working a hospital, and YES as a therapist I still force people OOB even on Christmas. Last year I still had rehab groups on the rehab unit as well as making people in the hospital get OOB. (But my groups were fun!!!! I played cheesy music like the Chicken Dance and the Hokey Hokey and YMCA and Hands Up, and the Electric Slide and the Macarena and The Limbo and alllllllllllllll that, and we danced and did all the "moves" that went with the music... It was pretty cool. And it went REALLY well for range of motion and strength and all that. The patients all thought I was NUTS, but it was fun.) Today as it's a new hospital and they don't have a rehab unit, so I'll just be doing the Acute Care thing. And I'll have help this year. That's nice. AND I get paid at least time and a half if not double time. AND I'm working tomorrow so just in case the hospital's policy is to pay the doubles on the "celebrated" day instead of the "actual" day, I'm covered. Being Jewish has its bonuses sometimes. I can watch movies and eat Chinese food anytime. So I don't mind at all giving the day off to those who it's important to so they can spend the time with their families etc. And I'll ALWAYS have Thanksgiving off. That's always nice.

And on that note, It's time to be offfffffff..... Time to get people up. Have a great day all! Happy Happy!

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Anonymous said...

Happy happy to you. Your good mood about working today and tomorrow will positively affect those who are in acute care. I'm sure that was not their first choice for where to be for the holidays.