Thursday, December 22, 2005

Candy Canes

There isn't much that I like aboot the holiday season. I dislike the gross overcommercialization of it all, the CONSTANT replaying of all that music, the advertisements that begin in September, the lights on all the houses especially when people go WAY overboard, the pitiful looks I get when I say I'm working on Christmas because so many people are too ignorant to realize that there are people out there who DON'T celebrate Christmas and they just don't get it, all the FOOOOOD that's out there ESPECIALLY if you work in a hospital.... I can go on and on.

There are 3 things I can think of that I like aboot the holiday season. In no particular order...
One, all the great baking and even real food cooking recipies that are out there especially on the Food Network. It's always great to collect a whole bunch of recipes that I can try out during the year.

Two, Gingerbread Houses. I am FASCINATED by gingerbread houses. They're so much FUN and imaginative and I love seeing all the amazing things that people can do with them. Making houses and scenes and whole villages and all that. It completely fascinates me.

And 3, Candy Canes. I LOVE Candy Canes! And they're in abundance! And after Christmas they all go on saleand you can get like 50 of them for like $3 or something like that. Candy Canes besides being Yummy are fun to look at, bright, and often colorful, and I LOVE to put them in my hot chocolate. I often on winter evenings sit down with a mug of hot chocolate. I find it SO comforting and relaxing. And it's so much fun to see the candy cane hanging over the side of the cup. PLUS it gives the hot chocolate a minty fun flavor. I very much enjoy candy canes like that.

Our apartment building had a holiday party dinner as they do every year, and I stocked up on a bunch then. They were scattered around on the dessert plates, and when everyone had picked over the desserts I took the rest of the candy canes. And I got some from work. My boss gave us each a little packet of candy for the holidays. :) So I have a stash. And I'll get some after the holiday when they're all on sale. :) that makes me happy. So YAY for Candy Canes!!!!

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