Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Player Piano

Someone recently, I forget who, asked me if it was true that there was someone playing the piano all day in the hospital lobby. Well it's semi-true. In the main lobby/atrium area there is a piano. So yes, there's music most of the day on most days, but the piano plays itself, as player pianos do.

Even so, it's a pretty elegant touch for a hospital lobby. What else can you expect from the wealthiest community on the East Coast? The hospital caters to its clientele. (Again, making it a nice place to work when it spills over to you as staff.) It IS kind of nice though to walk down a hallway on the second or third floor and peep down over the banister into the atrium and hear some nice music. (Well, mostly nice... I'm REALLY sick of Christmas songs... but that's another story for some other time) Suffice it to say though, I do generally enjoy the pianos presence.
Its a pleasant touch. :)

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