Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Lamps and Lightbulbs

YAY for light! I love light. I really love sunlight, but our apartment doesn't get a lot so I settle for the artificial kind. Light makes me feel more awake and bright and well, who really wants to sit ina dimly lit room trying to get stuff done? I like light, and LOTS of it.

Yesterday, the hospital had a lightbulb and lamp sale from Energy Star and The CT Energy Efficiency Fund in association with Connecticut Light and Power. They were selling energy efficient lightbulbs and some lamps to go with them. All @ AMAZING prices! A dollar a bulb for the equivalent to a 60, 75, or 100 watt bulb, and 5 dollars for a three-way bulb. And tall torch lamps with the bulbs for five dollars. They had some other fancier lamps for $15 and $20, which was a GREAT price. The room was mobbed. They sold over 600 lamps yesterday.

We needed more living room light, so I got one of the torch lamps :) and I also got a bunch of bulbs. I got 7 bulbs and a lamp for $15. 5 100 watt equivalents, one free 60 watt equivalent (buy 5 get one free) and a three way. I was VERY happy when I got home and had all that light in my living room. Light is a good thing. :)

And that is my BLURB for my BLOG for today. Time to go get more peoples OOB! Have a good rest of the day all!

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