Sunday, December 18, 2005

Hospital Holiday Party

This week we had a holiday party @ the hospital. I was SCARED!!! People had described it to me as a food orgy. Not a party, not a large lunch, a FOOD ORGY. FIVE separate people told me that. FIVE separate people in FIVE separate INDIVIDUAL conversations. FOOD ORGY. I was scared. It sounded like A LOT of food. Like A LOT, A LOT of food. It REEKED of overindulgence and calories and eating WAY more than one should. It was almost TOO much to look forward to. How much food could POSSIBLY be out there? I mean, looking forward to a lunch party is one this but a food orgy? It sent off warning bells and whistles and red flashing lights....

Well, it was A LOT of food. But I think food orgy was a bit of an extremist term. Or maybe not. I couldn't eat about half of what was there so I didn't think it so bad. It was set up like a buffet, and there were multiple table lines of the same stuff. There were like 15 different dishes. There were PLATTERS of shrimp. That's what EVERYONE went on about, the shrimp. Well, there was A LOT of shrimp. It was a shrimp orgy. :) I don't eat shrimp. No shellfish for me. So there went the orgy part. J There were dishes with shrimp in them and there was meat stuff that I couldn't eat. There was some great pasta primavera, eggplant rollatini, veggie sushi, pastry puffs with cheese and spinach, spring rolls, and a bunch of other stuff i don't remember. There was eggnog and a sherbet punch, there were cookies and cannolis and cream puffs and all that. It went on from 11-2, but I went down during my lunch 3/4 hour and got food and brought it back upstairs. It was too crowded to stay down there and eat standing up balancing stuff. And I was glad it wasn't the scary food orgy I thought it would be. Although I suppose if I were eating a bit of every dish there had seconds… and I stayed down for more than the 15 minutes it took to go through the line and get my stuff it could have been a food orgy, but I was ok. I didn't get sick, I wasn't feeling horribly sluggish that afternoon, I had a nice meal, and that was that.

And the hospital really did a nice job. The food was very good, there was a lot of variety, there was plenty for me the vegemetarian to eat without feeling deprived, a bit of something for everyone, and more than enough to go around. It was though, more of a holiday party than I had ever seen any company/hospital put on. But I guess that's what you get when you work in such a neighborhood. The stuff that the residents as patients want rubs off on how they treat their staff. Which is REALLY nice.

And that was the holiday party. A potentially scary thing but it turned out nice. Another new reason to like my new job. Although I STILL maintain that my desk is the best part!

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