Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Today was an ordinary day, nothing too special. I got to have a student for the day. There's a PT student in the department now and his CI needed to orient an outpatient to inpatient stuff so I got her student. That was fun. I like having students around. I thought that was exciting enough for the day. But I got home and had supper and called my first bridal shop to go looking for a dress.... (ok so SOME out of the ordiary things happened today, but not as cool as this one) Then I sat down to relax with my computer (actually Rob's but who's counting) and I started my usual BLOG reading, catching up on the past couple of days events on friends and random peoples BLOGs I read. And YAY! YAY!!!!!

I got some great news! (As Evi would say, it made me SQUEE!!!) YAY for Adam and Laurie! WHOOOO HOOO and YIPEEEE, I'm so happy for them!!!!!!!!

I'll let Adam tell you the good news, but YAY! I'm SO EXCITED! I love it when things like this happen. You think you have a semi-ordinary day and then you get happy news from a friend and it makes your day "squee-full." That's always fun. SO YAY for Adam and Laurie, and Mazel Tov and WHOOOOO HOOOO!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

went to Adam's blog(thanks for the working link)and laughed til I had tears in my eyes(about the right time for a beer). Can't wait to meet Adam, Laurie and baby next October.Congrats to both on their upcoming blessing. The photo idea was really cute and so was Dad's take on the image.Leave to a mother to know what that blurry picture was.