Thursday, February 23, 2006

Another Cute Old Lady

As usual, the cute old ladys don't believe that I'm strong enough to get them out of bed. They all want the big strong men! It's such a common thing, that I really don't think twice about it. Often, especially the larger patients, tell me that I'm too tiny to get them out of bed, I may drop them. Which always makes me laugh because I definitely DON'T see myself as tiny. Far from it. But they're cute old ladys and I just thank them and tell them that I'm stronger than I look. That and THEY'RE going to do all the work anyway.

Well this one particular patient said I was too tiny, "Like my daughter, she's a size 2 petite, and you look just that size" I couldn't help but laugh. She was only like 12 sizes off. :) I thanked her very much for the compliment, and told her I wear a size 14. She was shocked. It was very cute. I love little old ladies.

Well, I guess it's nice to know that people, even if it's only little old ladies, think I'm so thin. :)

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