Thursday, June 29, 2006


Allergies… Mine usually keep on going through the spring into the summer and even the autumn. It’s the grasses and mold and all that that really gets me. So it’s almost July and well, I’ve run out of my Zyrtec. So I called my doctor and asked for a new prescription, for my mail order service. It’s cheaper and I get more at a time with refills so I don’t have to keep asking every 3 months. Anyways, I picked up the prescription and promptly mailed it off to the pharmacy. And they promptly send me my 90 supply of Zyrtec. JUST in time, I had taken my last pill.

One problem. They sent me chewables. And not just any chewables, GRAPE chewables. YELCH!!!! I can’t stand ANYTHING that’s grape flavored. So I called the pharmacy and asked them where the mistake had been made, why would they send an adult grape flavored chewables??? Well, the doctor for some strange reason wrote chewables on my prescription. Not sure why. But he did. Can it be changed? Only with a new prescription. Can I return the chewables? NOPE!

So now I’m stuck with 90 days worth of grape chewables that I can’t return and my doctor is on vacation until the middle of next week so I can’t get a new prescription until then. PLUS it takes 2 weeks or so for me to actually get my pills from the mail order service. So, grape chewables it is. It’s that or have my throat itch so much I want to pull it out through my ears.

Grape chewables. BLECH!!!!!!

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