Sunday, July 02, 2006

MAZEL TOV!!!!!!!! (YAY!! Part 2)

Today I went to a Brit Milah, aka Bris. You might remember that aboot 6 months ago I BLOGGED YAY!

Adam and Laurie were going to have a baby!!!

Well, here he is!!!! A bit earlier than expected but sti
ll very welcome all the same. And today he entered into his covenant with Gd and the Jewish people. He also was given his name, as tradition dictates that a baby boy is not named until his bris. (So for the last three weeks {A bris is usually 8 days after birth unless medical needs need to come first and as he was born so early the bris waited a bit} he was being referred to as "He Who Has Not Been Named" in Adam's Harry Potter lovingness) His name was given to him along with his circumcision so as he enters the covenant, so may he enter into the Torah, the marriage canopy, and good deeds.

So Welcome to the World and Welcome to the Jewish People to Gavriel Moshe Stern.

And much Love and Mazel to Adam and Laurie.

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