Friday, July 28, 2006

Well, It's Official!

I am now a resident of the state of Connecticut. :( and yet :) No more NY resident. :( It's silly, but hard. I'm a New Yorker. I don't want to admit that I live in the suburbs. And in another state too! Buuuuuut I needed to switch over my license and registration and all that.

Part of the long wait was that it took me forever and a half to get the title from my Dad. The car was oficially in his name/ownership. When we finally did that, I was able to go to the DMV. Unfortunately, I needed about 2 billion pieces of identification, Passport, NY drivers license, expired license, utility bill..... PLUS, I couldn't get a new registration without a CT drivers license, which I didn't have. AND I couldn't get the registration without the emissions inspection, but for the emissions inspection I needed a CT registration. And I couldn't get insurance without a registration but I couldn't get a registration without insurance. It was all confusing on the website. So I tried about 6 times to call, and when I finally got through I was able to straighten it all out. I COULD get the inspection with the NY registration. Then I had to convince the service station people of that. And I COULD get insurance but I needed to fanagle things a bit and then I had to make sure I went to the NY DMV after the CT DMV to return my NY plates and prove my CT registration on the insurance. It was all confusing. But I managed it in the end. A hassle, but finished.

I even managed to get it all done in the same day. I spent an expected three hours getting my drivers license, but only 20 minutes getting my registration. Go figure. And once I found the DMV in White Plains I was only there for a half hour or so. The in between of switching my plates was the worst part.

The NY plates were bolted on tight and rusted. I managed to get the front plate off fairly easily. The back plate was a bit harder. I couldn't manage to do it, and the bolts were getting stripped. So I drove one NY plate one CT plate to the nearest service station where they spent all of 30 seconds changing the plate. And then proceded to charge me $5. And they didn't even give me new screws! They put the old rusted stripped ones back on! YES they provided a service, and YES they saved me probably an hour or so of trying to get the bolts off. And I was totally willing to pay them even for the 30 seconds of work. And if they gave me new screws I'd say it was worth the $5. But for what they actually did I think it was a little over the top. I was kind of angry. Almost like when I'm at the movies and they have the nerve to charge like $4 for a bottle of water. Just a little over the top. Things like that bother me. Oh well.

Anyways, it was a loooooong day and I did a LOT of waiting in line but I'm now officially a resident of the state of Connecticut. And I have the bad drivers license picture to prove it. :) The lady didn't tell me when she was taking the picture so I never got to smile and I look like an angry ax-murderer or something. Oh well. But I figure everyone has to have at least one bad license picture.

So here I am, CT's newest resident. YAY for me! :) Beware CT! :) :) :) :) :)

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