Monday, July 31, 2006

Driving in the City!

I did it! I had never driven in Manhattan. Until Yesterday. TEE HEE!!! :)

I never had the need to drive in Manhattan, I always took the train. And the few times I was in a car my parents or Rob drove. There were always other people willing to drive so I never had to. And I was totally fine with that. I dislike extremely aggressive driving, especially on a street situation. I'm used to crazies on the highway but not so much in the streets. And cabbies always kind of scared me a bit. As a passenger, pedestrian and fellow driver. I've always felt too nervous and intimidated to actively decide to drive in the midst of all that.

Rob and I went to see a friend yesterday, and Rob's car was out of commision. So we took mine. Rob offered to drive but I figured I had to do it sometime. And the longer I put it off the more intimidated I would get about it. So I did it. Gritted my teeth and got in the car and I did it. I think I did pretty ok. The cabbies did freak me out a bit, especially on Broadway. But I handled the rest pretty well. And I survived. I don't think it will ever be my favorite place in the world to drive but at least the initial intimidation is over. Hopefully I'll be a little more comfortable next time. WHEW!!!

And so that's that. I've driven in the big baaaaad city. I can do it. But I still prefer the train!

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